AlphaGal™ enzyme enhances the value of animal feed by improving digestibility and effectively lowering the overall cost of feed through using less expensive raw materials. AlphaGal can be used in mash, heat stable, and liquid application.

The Biostrong line of products has long been the gold standard and pioneer of phytogenic additives in poultry feed. Biostrong’s combination of 100% natural phytogenics are formulated to increase the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of your flocks.

Biolex is a source of lactic acid, prebiotics, and natural flavors designed for use in swine, poultry and cattle diets.

Enviro QS
Enviro QS is a powerful saponin product derived from the Quillajatree. This product has proven to reduce ammonia levels and is utilized across many species.


Lysine is the second limiting amino acid in corn/soybean meal diets for poultry.

Threonine is the 3rd limiting amino acid in poultry. With a purity no less than 98.5%, L-threonine plays an important role in protein utilization, maintenance, and digestion.

As the balance of amino acids improves with L-Lysine, DL-Methionine, and L-Threonine, Tryptophan generally becomes the next limiting amino acid.

A branched chain amino acid (BCAA), L-Valine can become limiting in poultry diets.

LactoPlan is an innovative Lactobacillus direct-fed microbial that is different than traditional Lactobacillus strains. LactoPlan is a heat-stable and shelf-stable lactic-acid producing bacteria that can be pelleted into feed.

Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium is an essential nutrient for plant and animal life. It is a required element in plant photosynthesis and a necessary nutrient for animal health.

MycoSecure is a source of free-flowing agents, live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms and vitamins for all non-medicated livestock feeds.

MyvatexAF-11 is a processing aide made from plants specifically for use in animal feed. MyvatexAF-11 helps manage moisture content when pelleting by interacting with the protein, starch, lipid and moisture components of animal feed formulas.

NF8 is a state-of-the-art soy-based protein ingredient containing viable, patented strains of Bacillus subitilis and the lactic acid producing bacteria Pediococcus pentosaceus. Utilizing a micro-aerobic fermentation process, microbial enzymes are produced that increase the protein content and reduce anti -nutritional factors.

PepSoyGen is a functional soy-protein ingredient with peptides, direct-fed microbials, and metabolites. The fermentation process increases the protein content while significantly reducing most of the anti -nutritional factors traditionally found in soy. The finished product contains the beneficial heat-stable microbes Aspergillus oryzae and Bacillus subtilis as well as valuable metabolites.

UpGrade AF
UpGrade AF is a swift and stable solution to help support gut health and animal performance during times of stress. UpGrade AF is leading the way towards the next frontier in gut health solutions – postbiotics. Unlike most traditional gut health solutions, UpGrade AF transfers functional molecules directly to the gut to deliver an immediate and targeted response.