Fructooligosaccharide, FOS
This prebiotic is made of short chain fructose units that are linked with Beta 2,1 bonds that limit its use for beneficial (probiotic) bacteria. Animals/mammals and pathogenic bacteria are unable to break these specific bonds and therefore unable to digest inulin.

Kerry UpGradeAF
Kerry UpGradeAF is a swift and stable solution to help support gut health and animal performance during times of stress. UpGradeAF is leading the way towards the next frontier in gut health solutions – postbiotics. Unlike most traditional gut health solutions, UpGrade AF transfers functional molecules directly to the gut to deliver an immediate and targeted response.

LactoPlanis an innovative Lactobacillus direct-fed microbial that is different than traditional Lactobacillus strains. LactoPlanis a heat-stable and shelf-stable lactic-acid producing bacteria that can be pelleted into feed.